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Kiran Singh

Kiran Singh is the Program Director and Weight Loss Coach for Dr. Prabhdeep Singh‘s in-house medically supervised weight loss program through Ideal Protein, a global,scientific, highly recognized and successful Ketogenic weight loss program.  

Prior to taking over the weight loss program, she had an exciting and illustrious career, traveling around the world as a Purser/In-Flight Manager of world renowned Malaysian Airlines. She ended her 27 year career upon getting married to Dr. Singh and moved to the Imperial Valley.  

During her tenure as the In-Flight Manager, she was also the in-house trainer with Malaysian Airlines Flight Attendant Academy and held a Human Resources Training and Development professional accreditation from the Malaysian Ministry of Human Resources. With these certifications she conducted trainings for fresh graduates in the areas of grooming, etiquette, deportment and professional skills development in the workplace.  

She is certified by the Ideal Protein Academy as their weight loss coach and has been dedicated to constantly upgrading and enhancing her skills and knowledge in the areas of nutrition, health and wellness.  
On a more personal note, having worked in the airline industry and having to personally manage her own weight, she is familiar and empathetic with the challenges and struggles a person may go through during the weight loss process.  

She became motivated after reading about the Ideal Protein Protocol and embarked on the weight loss journey and becoming a coach.  

She is passionate about her work and looks forward to assisting every individual in their weight loss journey, ensuring their success in reaching their goals and helping further on to maintain it.



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