Help! I'm Struggling to Lose Weight

Help! I'm Struggling to Lose Weight

It’s estimated that 70% percent of adults in the United States are considered overweight or obese, and it’s not for lack of trying to maintain a healthy weight. If you’re struggling to lose weight, you’re aren’t alone. More than 66% of adults with obesity and nearly half of overweight adults have tried to lose weight in the past. 

Internal medicine physician Prabhdeep Singh, MD, weight loss coach and program director Kiran Singh, and our team of nurse practitioners understand the complexities of weight loss. Our medically supervised weight loss program is designed to help you lose weight and keep it off permanently. 

If you’ve tried losing weight without success, it’s time to consider medically supervised weight loss. 

Medically-prescribed weight loss difference

Medically supervised weight loss programs are prescribed and overseen by a licensed medical professional. Unlike DIY diets, medical weight loss provides the support, tools, guidance, and resources to help you lose weight safely and effectively. 

When following a medically supervised weight loss program, your provider can prescribe FDA-approved appetite suppressants to help curb your appetite and quell cravings so that you stick to a healthy eating program. 

Additionally, your provider orders relevant blood tests to detect problems hindering your weight loss, such as undiagnosed thyroid issues or other hormonal imbalances. A medically supervised diet takes the guesswork out of weight loss by using clinical data and science-backed approaches. 

Ideal Protein Program

We offer the Ideal Protein weight loss program, which involves a dietary approach that utilizes your body’s natural ability to burn fat for energy. 

The Ideal Protein diet is medically designed to maximize fat loss while preserving lean muscle. The plan’s goal is to balance your blood sugar while the body burns fat for fuel and maintains muscle mass for improved body composition.

How the Ideal Protein program works

The Ideal Protein plan is a 4-phase weight loss program designed to improve how your body uses food for energy. The goal is to reset your body so that it becomes more efficient at burning fat for fuel. To accomplish this, the Ideal Protein program limits carbohydrate intake.

Ideal Protein phase one

The Ideal Protein program focuses on nutritious protein-packed foods and unlimited non-starchy vegetables to keep you feeling satisfied as your body rebalances its fuel-burning capabilities. You can expect to remain on phase one until you reach your goal weight. 

Ideal Protein phase two

The transition phase involves eating plenty of vegetables and whole foods as you prepare to return to eating regular meals.

Ideal Protein phase three

During phase three of the Ideal Protein plan, you can expect to increase your food intake as you prepare to continue healthy habits that will help you maintain your weight loss. You’ll stay full and satisfied as you move to the maintenance phase. 

Ideal Protein phase four

By the time you reach phase four of the Ideal Protein plan, cravings for sugar and unhealthy foods have diminished completely or significantly, and you’ve learned to choose healthy foods that keep you full. You’ve hopefully picked up some delicious recipes as well. 

During phase four, the maintenance phase, you receive continued support to stay on track so that you keep the weight off long-term. The goal of the maintenance phase is to reintroduce a higher carbohydrate intake in the right amounts to maintain a healthy weight. You will enjoy various balanced, yummy, and nutritious foods and continue your healthy eating habits. 

Lose weight and keep it off

Permanent weight loss is about more than counting calories and having the willpower to say no to cravings. Keeping the weight off requires the support, guidance, and structure to make permanent lifestyle changes that lend themselves to maintaining a healthy weight. 

If you’re ready to adopt a healthier lifestyle, then you’re ready for our medically supervised weight loss program. To get started, call or book online to schedule your initial consultation with one of our providers. 

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